mentorship course

This course consists of 5 weeks. Max will record a video analysis of your homework twice a week. You will also have the opportunity to observe other students working and communicating. In the last week, you will have a final Zoom call with live communication, where you can ask Max any questions you are interested in. The course takes place in a friendly atmosphere.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction. How to draw stylized children? Three main figures. Simple is good! Constructor. Limiting yourself in forms.

    2. feedback 24.05.2023

    3. feedback 26.05.2023

    1. Features of working with elderly characters. Analysis of images from UP movie.  Abstract shapes as tool.

    2. feedback1

    3. feedback 2

    1. Using a simplified skeleton. Building different forms on the skeleton. The nature of the line. Exaggeration.

    2. feedback 1

    3. feedback 2

    1. Working with photo references. Correct stylization. Why doesn't simple redraw work? Tone limitation.

    1. Analysis of the main features for the correct construction. Interpretation of forms. The interaction of two objects.

About this course

  • $1,000.00
  • 11 lessons
  • 12.5 hours of video content

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