• Will I become famous and move to Hollywood after your course?

    If you see an online school that promises you worldwide fame instantly, without registration — it's probably wise to assume that you've stumbled upon a bunch of assholes. It took our instructors years of hard work to get where they are today. No one can teach you how to achieve the same in a couple of months. We will show you the right direction, help you avoid some common but painful pitfalls, and provide honest feedback that will help you grow. As for Hollywood — if you really want it, you'll get there, we believe in you.

  • How do I get a place?

    Our instructors are actively working as concept artists, none of them does teaching full time. That's why they only do a couple of courses per year. If you are interested in learning from a particular artist, we recommend you book your place well in advance. Our groups are small for a reason, too. We aim to give personalised feedback to every student and set our bar high. If you've missed an online course, sometimes you can buy recorded lessons. But that's up to an individual instructor.

  • I made a payment, what's next?

    After you make a payment, you’ll get access to your course in the online classroom. You can start watching lessons when your term starts and will have a lifetime access. Please do not copy our materials and don't share your access with anyone else — this stuff is our intellectual property. We know 99,9% of you are decent people who'd never do it. But, for that 0,1% — dude, come on, we’ll find out, we'll remember your name, and we'll be mocking you in our lectures forever.

  • Are these courses right for me?

    Our courses are meant for the artists who have already learned some basics. We won't tell you not to take our class if you are just making your first steps, but please be realistic — you might find them more challenging than the rest of the group. If you have any doubts — feel free to contact us before making a payment, we'll be happy to advise you. Judging from experience, our courses are most useful for artists who have already mastered all the basics, know that they can get to the next level but haven't figured out how to do it just yet.


Concept artist and art director Jama Jurabaev

In just several years Jama has grown from a self-taught artist to one of the most celebrated concept designers in the world. He came up with dozens of original techniques that are now used in top art departments. Jama worked for Lucas Film, Industrial Light and Magic, Framestore, and MPC. His students work in Los-Angeles, London, Sydney, Milan, Stockholm, etc. In Jama's courses, he teaches how to optimise your workflow, how to find original ideas, and how to understand what a star director is looking for.