Who this course is for?

Artists who have some experience: games, illustration, industrial design, etc. — this tier is made for you. If you are confident with all the basics, you've mastered some advanced techniques, and now you feel ready to play with the big guys, we'll help you get to the next level. This course will give you a better idea of how all the best studios work: processes, deadlines, skills and tools, the true meaning of feedback (say hello to our British and American friends). Feedback sessions will be less about learning the fundamentals and more about sharpening your design and storytelling skills which will eventually help you when you start working with top production designers and directors.

Course curriculum

    1. Research and Inspiration

    1. Concept art in Film Industry and step-by-step process of creating art for films.

    1. Cinematic composition for films. The foundation of composition in movies. Cameras, lenses, framing

    2. Using lenses to improve your story telling. Wide vs Long lenses.

    3. Movie studies from iconic movies

    4. Tools to use. Why tools DO and DON`t matter!?

    5. Using perspective guides.

    6. Quick sketches . The simpler the better.

    7. Line drawing is a fastest way to put your ideas on a canvas.

    8. Line drawing demo.

    9. From sketch to value painting.

    10. Value Painting demo.

    11. Conclusion.

    12. Homework.

    1. Planning your work.

    2. Using 3D resources. Don`t build everything from scratch.

    3. Blender fundamentals and modelling.

    4. Texture and render set up.

    5. Triplanar texture. Give your models natural look.

    6. Polygonal modelling. Big - Medium - Small principle applied to 3D modelling.

    7. Texturing. How to be simple and effective with your textures.

    8. Sculpting.

    9. Photo-modelling.

    10. Asset sketcher.

    11. Displacement.

    12. Conclusion.

    13. Homework

    14. Landscape displacement maps

    1. Character, Creature and Prop design in films.

    2. Intro.

    3. Big Medium Small design principle.

    4. Action Volume Details.

    5. Drawing vs Design.

    6. Abstraction.

    7. Using reference.

    8. Props and vehicle design.

    9. Creature demo.

    10. Character demo.

    11. Vehicle demo.

    12. Speed up your 3D design.

    13. Homework.

    1. Counterchange.

    2. Cinematic Lighting.

    3. Volumetric Fog.

    4. Lighting your scene.

    5. Artdirecting your lighting.

    6. Establishing final lighting.

    7. Shot renders demo 1.

    8. Shot Renders demo 2.

    9. Paintover planning.

    10. Refine or simplify principle.

    11. Paintover demo 1.

    12. Paintover demo 2.

    13. Conclusion.

    14. Homework.

    15. Industry-related questions. Salaries, hiring, portfolio and etc.

    16. Introduction to Unreal Engine 5 (Part I)

    17. Introduction to Unreal Engine 5 (Part II)

About this course

  • $1,999.00
  • 58 lessons
  • 17.5 hours of video content

Students' work

Our students say:

Daniel Hyun Lim

Intermediate Tier

At the end of the year (2019) I had two amazing opportunities, a job opportunity at Marvel Studios or enrolling in Jama's mentorship. It was an incredibly tough decision to make because I knew I would grew either way, BUT the trajectory of my career would be different. My background is in storyboards and costume design but my ultimate goal is to work as a concept designer in the Art Department. I've been babbling with concept art for over 10 years, taking classes, watching gumroads and youtube but something just didn't click. It was unbelievably frustrating to say the least. Getting a late start in this game, the 6 week intensive was exactly what I needed to jump start my career in this competitive market, essentially cutting out through all the clutter and laser focusing on what the needs of the Art Department. As of April 2020, just 4 months in I have worked with Director, Robert Zemeckis on the upcoming "The Witches" reboot and currently working on a new Netflix feature with Director Juel Taylor.

Jakub Kaźmierczak

Intermediate Tier

"Whole experience was a blast! During course we were working on projects under Jama guidance, with him helping and destroying us with feedback ;) I highly recommend taking mentorship with Jama for everyone who wants to improve their skills and learn solid workflow."

Dela Neve

Intermediate Tier

"I think most learning resources out there are too worried about "how" we do things rather than "why" we do them. This course will not only get you lifetime access to awesome lectures but you are getting the opportunity to bounce ideas out of Jama and learn why he tackles problems the way he does which will make you rethink the way you do."

Michaela Maria Wartbichler

Intermediate Tier

Jama's course were six intense weeks, filled with practical experience, individual mentorship and knowledge worth a year of watching tutorials! Something every aspiring Concept Artist will know: You spend hundreds of hours watching tutorials, learning techniques and skills in certain areas and programs. So you have all this fragmented pieces of knowledge and skills. What Jama did for me was closing exactly these gaps - connecting my fragments so to say :-)! I finally got a profound understanding of the industry's workflow - from ideation, sketching, building assets to 3d setup, rendering and final paint over - combined with the basic theory of light & color, camera lenses & angles, composition and storytelling. Just do it - enrol! :-)

Ng Hanyang

Intermediate Tier

If you have a slight interest in concept art or art in general you'll definitely love this course. This course is well planned and well taught. It completely changed my workflow for the better. Now i produce my concepts way more efficiently than before. On top of that, the people i met during the course are awesome! Constantly helping one another to do great! I cannot recommend this course enough. TAKE IT!