Who this course is for?

If you are an accomplished artist, it's been years since you last had honest feedback. You know what your strengths are. But you have little clue about your weaknesses. You get thousands of likes, tons of positive comments, but for some reason, you didn't get invited to your dream project. Or you did — but didn't get briefed on a key character. Or you did — but they (bastards!) didn't choose your design. No matter the level and the years of experience, we can all learn something useful from each other. Honest, unbiased, constructive feedback and a chance to learn from a small group of professional artists will help you find the missing piece of the puzzle.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Warm-up work

    • Research and Inspiration

  • 2

    Film Industry

    • Concept art in Film Industry and step-by-step process of creating art for films.

  • 3

    Cinematic Composition

    • Cinematic composition for films. The foundation of composition in movies. Cameras, lenses, framing

    • Using lenses to improve your story telling. Wide vs Long lenses.

    • Movie studies from iconic movies

    • Tools to use. Why tools DO and DON`t matter!?

    • Using perspective guides.

    • Quick sketches . The simpler the better.

    • Line drawing is a fastest way to put your ideas on a canvas.

    • Line drawing demo.

    • From sketch to value painting.

    • Value Painting demo.

    • Applying color to your paintings demo.

    • Conclusion.

    • Homework.

  • 4

    Asset Creation

    • Planning your work.

    • Using 3D resources. Don`t build everything from scratch.

    • Blender fundamentals and modelling.

    • Texture and render set up.

    • Triplanar texture. Give your models natural look.

    • Polygonal modelling. Big - Medium - Small principle applied to 3D modelling.

    • Texturing. How to be simple and effective with your textures.

    • Sculpting.

    • Photo-modelling.

    • Asset sketcher.

    • Displacement.

    • Photo-displacement.

    • Conclusion.

    • Homework.

    • Landscape displacement maps

  • 5

    Characters, Props and Vehicles

    • Character, Creature and Prop design in films.

    • Intro.

    • Big Medium Small design principle.

    • Action Volume Details.

    • Drawing vs Design.

    • Abstraction.

    • Using reference.

    • Props and vehicle design.

    • Creature demo.

    • Character demo.

    • Vehicle demo.

    • Speed up your 3D design.

    • Speed up your 3D design in VR demo.

    • Home work.

  • 6

    Final Presentation

    • Counterchange.

    • Cinematic Lighting.

    • Volumetric Fog.

    • Lighting your scene.

    • Artdirecting your lighting.

    • Establishing final lighting.

    • Shot renders demo 1.

    • Shot Renders demo 2.

    • Paintover Planning.

    • Refine or simplify principle.

    • Paintover demo 1.

    • Paintover demo 2.

    • Shot renders demo 3.

    • Paintover demo 3.

    • Conclusion.

    • Homework.

    • Industry-related questions. Salaries, hiring, portfolio and etc.

    • Introduction To Unreal Engine 5 (Part I)

    • Introduction To Unreal Engine 5 (Part 2)

Students' work

Our students say:

Min Guen

Professional Tier

Taking Jama’s course on Concept art for Films was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made in 2019. I am consistently fascinated by Jama’s ability to innovate and discover new and better ways to do concept art. In this day and age, moving & learning fast is key and that is exactly what I wanted to learn from Jama. During the Pro-tier course that I took, he was very generous with his time and providing honest feedback on the works. He also spent a lot of time explaining the material to make sure we understood it. There are many things that I wouldn’t be able to look up online because it related to my unique situation & skill level, so having him point things out that work for me specifically was tremendously valuable. Here’s a tip for those who are considering. Ask yourself what you want to achieve by the end of the course and make sure to communicate it early on with Jama. This is what I did and, needless to say, I got everything I wanted and so much more. After this experience, I feel more solid & confident in my work than ever before. I 100% recommend taking this course to anyone who is serious about their career in films or the entertainment industry in general.