Who this course is for?

If you have ever watched Jama`s tutorials or courses, it is about making the process as simple and creative as possible.

Unreal Engine 5 is no doubt a very powerful tool.

However, for many, it may feel very unconventional, especially when you have a strong background in other 3D packages. 

Jama uses his experience and approach to make this transition as fluent as possible. He will guide you through all the little nuances that make a big difference.

Using UE's Lumen and path-tracing, the ability to handle billions of instances, artistic lighting and rendering tools, we will build, design and push the worlds as far as possible.

This course is suitable for all levels.

Course curriculum

    1. Weekly outline.

    1. Overview (Pros and Cons of real-time engine. Mostly pros)

    2. Resources - Grand Bazaar Sample kit

    3. Resources - Sand texture and dunes

    1. Project Setup & Navigation

    2. Main Window

    3. Content Browser

    1. Megascans and Quixel Bridge

    2. Importing Assets

    3. Tiled textures vs Phototextures

    4. Sketchfab photoscans

    5. Tweaking assets before import

    6. Migrating assets between projects

    7. Actor Palette

    8. Marketplace

    9. Outliner and Details panel

    10. Custom shortcuts

    11. Demo (Timelapse)

    12. Conclusion

    13. Week1 - Homework

    1. Weekly outline

    1. Inspiration and references

About this course

  • $1,499.00
  • 62 lessons
  • 9 hours of video content

General information

  • Schedule

    Lectures are released on a Monday of each week. After watching your lectures, you will be given a weekly assignment.

  • Feedback sessions

    Live feedback sessions are held twice a week. All sessions are recorded and available for you at any time. Feedback session times are announced at the beginning of each term.

  • Groups

    Seats are limited to have smaller groups and better interaction.

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